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Yellow cheeses

Makler is a company with a long tradition and experience in the production of first-class yellow cheeses called kashkaval. Our products are a benchmark of high quality and excellent taste characteristics. In order to provide you with an unforgettable culinary pleasure, we carefully select the milk from which we make our cheeses. Our experienced craftsmen do not compromise with technology. Our products contain only full-fat cow’s milk, real sourdough, yeast and salt. The cheese is produced according to an authentic Bulgarian recipe and goes through a process of curdling, cheddarization and ripening under carefully selected conditions.

We produce cheese (kashkaval) with the understanding that this product is traditional in Bulgarian cuisine, respected for its incredible taste and health benefits. That is why we put in the best products, monitor and control the production and ripening process well, to be able to provide you with nutritious and delicious food for every day.

Yellow cheeses / kashkaval like a long time ago

There are countless recipes for wonderful dishes in which Bulgarian cheese plays a major role. Breaded, baked, raw – it’s the perfect side dish and quick fix for anyone who’s hungry. Who doesn’t love cheese sandwiches, cheese casserole, pizzas with rich grated cheese? And why not nutritious salads or an exotic dessert? And the health benefits of high-quality cheese have been described in numerous studies by specialists, so we don’t need to remind you of them.

You will find our yellow cheeses (kashkaval) under our brands “Makler”, “Rodopsko Chudo”, “Gaida”, “Feria Milk” and “Raler”. They could be in various packages of 0.200, 0.400, 2.3 kg, and also grated 2.5 kg. Try our wonderful mozzarella – 10 kg block or 2.5 kg grated for quick addition to pizza, snacks or other dishes.

We know that happiness lies in simple everyday joys, delicious and nutritious food, small pleasures like a piece of aromatic, authentic cheese, produced with a lot of love for all who appreciate the Bulgarian taste. This is our formula for success – we offer products with excellent qualities that never leave you indifferent.

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  • Mozzarella – block 10 kg

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  • Mozzarella – shredded 2,5 kg

    45,00 BGN
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  • Yellow cheese (kashkaval) Feria Milk, 0,200

    Yellow cheese (kashkaval) FERIA MILK, 0,200 kg

    4,00 BGN
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  • Yellow cheese (kashkaval) Feria Milk, 0,200

    Yellow cheese (kashkaval) FERIA MILK, 0,400 kg

    8,30 BGN
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  • Yellow cheese (kashkaval) Feria Milk, 2.3 kg

    Yellow cheese (kashkaval) FERIA MILK, 2.3 kg

    50,60 BGN
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  • Yellow cheese (kashkaval) Makler, 0,400

    Yellow cheese (kashkaval) MAKLER, 0.400 kg

    8,50 BGN
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  • Yellow cheese (kashkaval) MAKLER, 2.3 kg

    38,00 BGN
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  • RALLER cow milk , 0.400 kg.

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