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Bulgarian sourdoughs and original production technology


White cheeses made by Cypriot Halloumi technology, semi-hard cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. 

Product of the month

Rodopsko chudo Yogurt 4.5%, 0.400 kg.

Yogurt Rodopsko chudo is made according to an old Bulgarian recipe from fresh cow’s milk and Bulgarian sourdough.

Culinary application

Yogurt Rhodope Miracle is one of our most universal products. There are countless applications in cooking – often present in recipes as an auxiliary product such as buildings, fillings, dressings, but there are many recipes in which the main ingredient – everyone’s favorite tarator or kefir, for desserts – strained yogurt with jam and nuts or fruits and countless others.

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Your partner in the choice of high quality dairy products, production, distribution and logistics

From the very beginning and in the future, we will continue to satisfy and complement the preferences and requirements of all YOU, our customers, partners and friends, because you are important to us, we grow and develop together!

Why to choose dairy products from Makler Commerce?

We are using traditional Bulgarian technology and authentic Bulgarian leaven to always produce high-quality white cheese.

Our team has focused its efforts on satisfying our consumers’ preferences by responding to their demands and with care for their health.

All of our dairy products have a memorable and distinctive milk taste.

MAKLER Commerce is an established technological leader in the field of dairy industry, both in Bulgaria and on the international market.

How is cheese made?

It is made from fresh whole milk, with the addition of yeast, sourdough, salt and calcium dichloride.

  • 1Whole cow’s milk is pasteurized at a certain t.
  • 2When the pasteurized milk has cooled, rennet yeast and sourdough are added.
  • 3Yeast and yeast curdle the milk, which leads to protein coagulation. this results in a soft but dense and elastic mass called cheese
  • 4The curd is cut and processed, separating the whey.
  • 5After the whey has drained, the cheese is pressed and cut into lumps, placed in tins and filled with brine.

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