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About us

About our Dairy factory

The dairy company Makler Commerce processes about 300 tons of fresh milk per day. The company has about 200 employees.

The production of the enterprise is divided into three directions:

  • production of white brined cheeses, yellow cheeses and halloumi;
  • production of imitation products;
  • production of yoghurts, sour cream, butter and cheese from different types of mixtures;
Makler Commerce dairy is located in the picturesque area of Bulgaria – Ludogorie. The region is ecologically clean and conducive to the development of lactic acid microflora and for the production of dairy products. Our dairy is processing around 300 tonnes of fresh milk per day, with total output of about 250 tonnes of dairy products per day.

The raw milk is harvested from farms breeding selected cow breeds for the purpose. Milk has very high quality indexes that contribute to the taste and the quality of our dairy products. We are using Bulgarian yeast and a traditional Bulgarian technology in order to produce high-quality dairy products.

Our stuff of good specialists guarantees the high quality of Makler Commerce’s dairy products. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of traditional white brined cheese, yellow cheese, dairy products and special cheeses.

The used Bulgarian sourdoughs and the original technology for cheese production contribute to the production of high quality cheeses of the Makler brand.

We are using high quality packaging to guarantee the durability and freshness of the products.

Our products are available in the sales network all over the country and on the international market. Our teams’ efforts are focused on satisfaction of the consumers’ preferences and needs, which helps to maintain the high quality of our production.

Today, the production of dairy products in Bulgaria occupies a significant share in the food industry.

In order to have an advantage over its competitors, Makler Commerce is constantly investing in new technologies according to the world’s highest standards. In this way, Maklers` dairy has established itself as a technological leader in the dairy industry in Bulgaria.

Code of Conduct

This is our Code of Conduct – our guide to do the right thing in business. It is a must-read and must-follow by all of us. It is focused on important principles as safety, health, security, honesty, equal opportunities, harassment-free workplace for the people. Respect for the laws, respect for the nature and our customers.



Makler Komers Ltd. was founded in 1993 in the town of Targovishte and the main activity of the company is trade in dairy products. .


We expand the market in Bulgaria with the trade of dairy products under the name “Targovishte”.


Makler Komers buys the dairy plant in the village of Brestovene, Razgrad municipality, with a production base of just 10 tons capacity.


Milk collection points and premises for storage of raw milk are being built at the Makler MPP.


We registrate our own brand “Makler”, which is the highest class of dairy products.


Start of the reconstruction and modernization of the dairy plant, reconstructions and modernization of the facilities and the base have been made, the capacity of the dairy enterprise is growing.


A currently operating system for self-control / HACCP / has been implemented.


Introduction of new technologies in line with EU requirements and raising the capacity to 30 tons of fresh milk per day.


A European project under the Agricultural Development Program was won and the construction of a treatment plant was started.


A wastewater treatment plant has been built, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.


Construction of new production bases, a new enterprise for the production of cheeses from the group of imitation products was built.


A new production base for yellow cheese has been built.


The capacity of dairy factory is about 100 tons of fresh milk and finished products 30 tons of dairy products.

A new production base for yogurts has been built.


BIO GAS STATION has been built.


 The production capacity of the dairy factory continues to be modernized and reconstructed.


Production of dairy products and private labels

Distribution of dairy products

Import and export trade